About Aiman


Aiman Hassani gazing forward

Aiman Hassani, born in Bergen op Zoom in the south of the Netherlands and raised in Utrecht. Aiman is a change maker, Filmmaker and an advocate for diversity in Film & Tv.
In 2006 he was scouted by tv network BNN to make 8 episodes for them. In 2012 he graduated from studying in New York and before that Journalism in the Netherlands. In 2013 he graduated from studying webdesign. 
He is also a founder of two other companies: Windmill Studios, an independent game company & wedowe, a non profit that activates people to change the World. At Windmill Studios, he is the business, development and marketing person. At wedowe he is co-director as well as runs the wedoMOVIES-division, where he advocates for diversity in the film en tv landscape. In 2015 his tv pilot 'Undercover' was the highest viewed 3LAB program of the season. In april 2016 he was film festival director of the very first international film festival focussed on diversity: The WE film Festival which was held in Maastricht. Currently he is working on activating people to change the World. As well as films, music videos, websites. Aiman is always interested in new projects/collaborations and can be reached through the contact-form.