About Aiman


Aiman Hassani gazing forward

Aiman is a change maker, Filmmaker and an advocate for diversity in Film & Tv. He creates entertaining experiences for people to get in touch with their humanity & inner child. 

Contact Aiman for talks, workshops and interviews via this page or through his personal website.

In 2005 he was the record holder of most amount of money brought in 4 hours for Doctors without Borders while working as a call center agent raising funds for charities. In 2006, from over 1000’s of applicants he was chosen to make 8 episodes for tv network BNN. Since then he has worked on 100+ movie/tv productions. In 2007 he volunteered at the Children's Cancer Hospital in Amsterdam, producing live tv shows every week. In 2012 he graduated from studying film/acting in New York and before that Journalism in the Netherlands. He was a recipient of a complete study grant on both schools. In 2014, Aiman co-founded wedowe. In 2015 Aiman started #BRAINCANDIES with Cristian Boscheri, an interactive audience & speaker event based on bringing diversity and advancing social skills in the best way. Later that year his tv pilot 'Undercover' was the highest viewed 3LAB program of the season. In 2016 he was film festival director of the very first international film festival, in the Netherlands focused on diversity. Later that year, his film 12 Angry Arabs made an impact in the country when it came to be diversity and the conversation of racism and tolerance. In 2017 he was selected to make an NTR Kort! short film. He has coached and managed the talent several young people in their development. 

Aiman has given workshops/talks/hosted at, among others, TEDx, Pecha Kucha, Tivoli Vredenburg, The Red Cross, Gemeente Amsterdam, Philips, Leiden University, Schiphol, KPN, CAPGEMINI. He has given interviews to the Volkskrant, BNR, Radio 1, Algemeen Dagblad, Funx and Metro.

Currently he is working on activating people to change the World. As well as films, music videos, websites.