I believe that all people are absolutely beautiful. I endeavor to capture that in different walks of life.
Introducing my most recent works in Film.


------ #YOLO4REAL (2017) ------

#YOLO4REAL follows Ahmed, a 21-year old man, who is being told he is terminally ill. After a phase of denial Ahmed starts to take action to escape this horrible truth. 
It is not until Ahmed can sink no further, that he realizes he needs to make the best of the time he has left. He decides to enjoy life, partly by crossing activities from his bucket list.

12 angry Arabs

------ 12 Angry Arabs film - Directors cut (2016) ------

Geert Wilders is on trial. This time no ‘less, less, less’. No, he went even further. Wilders printed racist one-liners on T-shirts and sold them at an anti-Islam rally. The shirts have gone viral in the Netherlands and Wilders received enough complaints for yet another court case.


------ Breathe (2016) ------

The truth is out now. Rising water levels, people needing more and more to feel anything. We are becoming are becoming coldblooded like fish.